Name Department University Field 1 Field 2 Field Comments Advisors Job Market Paper Website Placement Added
Luo, Victor Xi Economics NWU G E Financial Economics, Macroeconomics Martin Eichenbaum (Committee Chair), Lawrence Christiano, Giorgio Primiceri, Sergio Rebelo The Role of Long-run Risk and Valuation Risk in Explaining Nominal Bond Yields Website 09/19/16
Squicciarini, Mara NWU N D Economic History, Applied Microeconomics Ran Abramitzky, Joel Mokyr, Johan Swinnen, Nico Voigtländer Devotion and Development: Religiosity, Education, and Economic Progress in 19th Century France Website 09/19/16
Akhatari, Mitra Economics Harvard J H Labor Economics, Political Economy, Development Economics, Public Finance Lawrence Katz, Alberto Alesina, Nathan Nunn, Nathan Hendren Political Turnover, Bureaucratic Turnover, and the Quality of Public Services Website 11/16/16
Anzoategui , Diego Economics NYU E O Macroeconomics, Growth, Development Ricardo Lagos, Mark Gertler, William Easterly Sovereign Debt and the Effects of Fiscal Austerity Website 09/19/16
Ariu, Andrea Economics Geneva F Giordano Mion, Frederic Docquier Providing Services to Boost Goods Exports: Theory and Evidence Website 11/25/16
Ayres Queiroz da Silva, Joao Economics Minnesota E Timothy Kehoe, Manuel Amador, Juan Pablo Nicolini ?"Knowledge Flow and International Recessions" Website 11/16/16
Basu, Pathrikrit Economics Penn State C D Micro Theory, Decision Theory Kalyan Chatterjee Website 09/19/16
Bet, Germán Economics NWU L Industrial Organization Igal Hendel (Committee Chair), Gaston Illanes, Robert Porter The Productivity Effects of Corporate Diversification Website 09/19/16
Budanova, Sofya Economics NWU C Econometrics Ivan Canay (Committee Chair), Elie Tamer, Alexander Torgovitsky Penalized Likelihood Estimation of Finite Mixture Models Website 09/19/16
Cavenaile , Laurent Economics NYU E O Macroeconomics, Growth Theory, Development Economics, Environmental Economics Jess Benhabib, Gian Luca Clementi, Boyan Jovanovic Advertising, Innovation and Economic Growth Website 09/19/16
Chen, Xirong Economics Texas A&M University C M Applied Microeconometrics and Econometrics Li Gan Direct Nonparametric Conditional Quantile Estimation for Time Series Data Website 11/30/16
Cohen, Gary Economics Cornell I J Economics of Education, Labor Economics, Applied Economics Ronald Ehrenberg, George Jakubson, Richard Mansfield The Role of Fiscal Impacts in the Public School Response to Charter Competition Website 09/19/16
Cook, Jason Economics Cornell J H Labor Economics, Public Finance, Economics of Education Francine Blau, Michael Lovenheim, Jordan Matsudaira Segregation, Student Achievement, and Postsecondary Attainment: Evidence from the Introduction of Race-Blind Magnet School Lotteries Website 09/19/16
Cui, Liyuan Economics Cornell G C Financial Econometrics, Time Series Analysis and Economic Statistics, Behavioral Finance Yongmiao Hong, Ming Huang, Kristoffer Nimark, Sharon Tennyson Solving Asset Pricing Models Using Instrumental Variable Nonparametric Two-stage Series Regression Website 09/19/16
EVANGELAKIS, PETER Economics UChicago H Political Economy, Applied Theory, Public Economics Richard van Weelden, Scott Ashworth, Ethan Bueno de Mesquita Electoral Politics with Policy Adjustment Costs Website 11/16/16
Faria-e-Castro, Miguel Economics NYU E G Macroeconomics, Banking, Financial Economics Thomas Philippon, Virgiliu Midrigan, Jaroslav Borovicka, Thomas J. Sargent Fiscal Multipliers and Financial Crises Website 09/19/16
Fu, Zhonghao Economics Cornell C Econometrics, Time Series Analysis Yongmiao Hong, Andrew Karolyi, Nicholas Keifer, Jennifer Wissink Consistent Tests for Structural Change in Time Series Models via Fourier Transforms Website 09/19/16
Fuenzalida , Cristian Economics NYU 09/19/16
Fukai, Hiroki Economics Penn State E J Macro, Labor Neil wallace High and Low Turnover Equilibria in a Model of Partnerships Website 09/19/16
Gafarov, Bulat Economics Penn State C E Econometrics, Macro, Computational Patrick Giggenberger, Joris Pinkse Uniform inference on scalar parameters in set-identified linear models Website 09/19/16
Garivaltis, Alex Economics Minnesota G C Aldo Rustichini, David Rahman Learning to Trade Prophetically Website 11/25/16
Ghili, Soheil Kellogg NWU L I Industrial Organization, Economics of Healthcare David Dranove (Committee Co-Chair), Igal Hendel (Committee Co-Chair), Leemore Dafny, Peter Klibanoff Network Formation and Bargaining in Vertical Markets: The Case of Narrow Networks in the Health Insurance Industry Website 09/19/16
Gitlin, Sergey Economics NWU C Econometrics Joel Horowitz (Committee Co-Chair), Ivan Canay (Committee Co-Chair), Alexander Torgovitsky Efficient estimation with smooth penalization Website 09/19/16
Green, Andrew Economics Cornell J E Labor Economics, Applied Econometrics, Macroeconomics John Abowd, Richard Mansfield, Karel Mertens, Lars Vilhuber Hours Off the Clock Website 09/19/16
Greenblatt, Matthew Economics University of Minnesota E H Monetary Economics, Macroeconomics, Public Economics Larry Jones Bailouts, Inflation, and Risk Sharing in Monetary Unions Website 11/19/16
Gyoo Kim, Duk Economics Cornell H Public Economics, Political Economy, Behavioral Economics, Microeconomic Theory, Experimental Economics Stephen Coate, Robert Frank, Thomas Palfrey One Bite at the Apple: Legislative Bargaining without Replacement Website 09/19/16
Hamami, Tom Kellogg NWU L Industrial Organization David Besanko (Committee Chair), David Dranove, Robert Porter Network Effects, Bargaining Power, and Product Review Bias: Theory and Evidence Website 09/19/16
Hara , Kazuhiro Economics NYU 09/19/16
Hari , Siddharth Economics NYU O H Development Economics and Political Economy Debraj Ray, Hunt Allcott, and Raquel Fernandez Markets, Subsidies and Corruption: Evidence from India 09/19/16
Hernández-Chanto, Allan Economics Arizona State University D Alejandro Manelli, Amanda Friedenberg, Hector Chade Centralized Assignment of Students to Majors: Evidence from the University of Costa Rica. Website 11/16/16
Isogai, Shigeki Economics Penn State C D Micro, Game Theory Ed Green Multiple Cartels and Strategic Use of The Leniency Policy Website 09/19/16
Jahangiry, Pedram Economics Arizona State University G E Rajnish Mehra, Sunil Wahal, Kevin Reffett How Do Household Financial Obligations Impact the Equity Premium? Website 11/16/16
Jones , Callum Economics NYU E F Macroeconomics, International Macroeconomics, Growth, Econometrics Virgiliu Midrigan, Jaroslav Borovicka, Thomas Philippon, Mark Gertler Aging, Secular Stagnation and the Business Cycle Website 09/19/16
Kanazawa, Nobuyuki Economics Cornell E J Monetary and Macroeconomics, Labor Economics, Applied Time Series Levon Barseghyan, Christopher Huckfeldt, Karel Mertens Growth and Labor Composition Website 09/19/16
Khvastunov, Oleksii Economics Penn State L IO Paul Grieco Website 09/19/16
Knyazev, Dmitriy Economics Bonn C D Mechanism design, Auctions, Contests, Corruption Benny Moldovanu, Tymon Tatur, Stephan Lauermann Favoritism in Auctions Website 09/19/16
Kropf, Andreas Economics NWU E G Macroeconomics, Financial Economics Martin Eichenbaum (Committee Chair), Lawrence Christiano, Matthias Doepke, Mark Witte (Teaching Reference) Why is Installed Capital Worth so Little? Website 09/19/16
Krukava, Nastassia Economics Arizona State University E Galina Vereshchagina, Gustavo Ventura, Berthold Herrendorf, Nicolai Kuminoff “Distortionary Effects of Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance” Website 11/16/16
Kuvalekar , Aditya Economics NYU C D Microeconomic Theory, Dynamic Games, Market Design, Organizational Economics Ennio Stacchetti, David G. Pearce, Debraj Ray Relational Contracts with Learning Website 09/19/16
Li, Zheng Economics Texas A&M University C L Econometrics Qi Li, Yonghong An Nonparametric Identification and Testing of First-Price Auctions with Asymmetric Bidders Website 11/28/16
Little, Bryce Economics Cornell E G Macroeconomics, Asset Pricing, Financial Economics, Econometrics Levon Barseghyan, Andrew Karolyi, Karel Mertens, Kristoffer Nimark Disagreement Over the Long-Run: The Effects of Higher Order Expectations on the Equity Premium Website 09/19/16
Ludwinski, Daniel Economics Cornell I L Health, Industrial Organization Samuel Kleiner, Sean Nicholson, Cindy Van Es, Jennifer Wissink Stronger Together? The Efficiency Impacts of Physician Integration Website 09/19/16
Luo , Mi Economics NYU E G Macroeconomics, Financial Economics, Labor Economics Jess Benhabib, Alberto Bisin, Andrew Caplin, Thomas Sargent he Effect of Estate Taxation on Wealth Inequality: the Importance of Inter-vivos Transfers Website 09/19/16
Marcus, Michelle Economics Brown University I Q Health, Environmental, Applied Microeconomics Anna Aizer, Emily Oster, Matthew Turner Going Beneath the Surface: Petroleum Pollution, Regulation, and Health Website 11/20/16
Medina, Paolina Kellogg NWU G Household Finance, Behavioral Economics Efraim Benmelech (Committee Co-Chair), Meghan Busse (Committee Co-Chair), Brian Melzer, Richard Thaler Selective Attention in Consumer Finance: Evidence from a Randomized Intervention in the Credit Card Market Website 09/19/16
Meier, Matthias Economics Bonn E C macroeconomics, firm heterogeneity, business cycles, misallocation, macroeconometrics, computational economics Christian Bayer, Keith Kuester, Jose Luis Montiel Olea Time to Build and the Business Cycle Website 09/19/16
Mekonnen, Teddy Economics NWU C D Microeconomic Theory Asher Wolinsky (Committee Chair), Eddie Dekel, Bruno Strulovici Information Acquisition and Ex-ante Comparative Statics Website 09/19/16
Mensch, Jeffrey Economics NWU C D Microeconomic Theory Alessandro Pavan (Committee Co-Chair), Marciano Siniscalchi (Committee Co-Chair) Wojciech Olszewski, Asher Wolinsky On the Existence of Monotone Pure-Strategy Perfect Bayesian Equilibrium in Games with Complementarities Website 09/19/16
Mongey , Simon Economics NYU E G Macroeconomics, Financial Economics Gianluca Violante, Virgilu Midrigan, Thomas Sargent, Jess Benhabib Market structure, nominal rigidity and monetary non-neutrality Website 09/19/16
Mookerjee, Mehreen Economics Cornell Q O Environmental Economics, Development Economics Antonio Bento, Ravi Kanbur, Stephen Coate, Edson Severnini, Victoria Prowse, Does Rain wash out Particulate Matter? An Application to the Effect of Air Pollution on Infant Mortality Website 09/19/16
Paasivirta , Ilari Economics NYU C D Microeconomic Theory, Information Economics, Experimental Economics, Statistical Learning Ennio Stacchetti, Boyan Jovanovic, Ilan Lobel Social Learning and Experimentation Website 09/19/16
Peluffo, Cecilia Economics NWU O Development Economics Seema Jayachandran (Committee Chair), Lori Beaman, Matthias Doepke, Cynthia Kinnan Social Safety Nets for the Elderly and Women’s Empowerment Website 09/19/16
Peng, Sida Economics Cornell C L Econometrics, Empirical Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomic Theory Matthew Backus, David Easley, Donald Kenkel, Francesca Molinari, Marten Wegkamp Heterogenous Endogenous Effects in Networks Website 09/19/16
Perego , Jacopo Economics NYU C D Microeconomics, Information Economics, Experimental Economics, Political Economy Alessandro Lizzeri, Guillaume Frechette, Laurent Mathevet Searching For Information Website 09/19/16
Ponomareva, Katia Economics Lehigh Univesity I J Shin-Yi Chou Maternity Leave and Long-Run Health Outcomes of Children: A Natural Experiment in Soviet Russia Website 11/26/16
Qi, Shusen Finance Maastricht University G D Empirical banking, financial economics, international finance, development economics, and monetary economics Steven Ongena, Ralph De Haas, Stefanie Kleimeier, Stefan Straetmans Will money talk? Firm bribery and credit access Website 11/29/16
Quanda Zhang, Samuel Economics Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology O J Development, Inequality, Financial Inclusion, Poverty Alberto Posso, Simon Feeny Multidimensional Financial Inclusion Index Website 01/31/17
Rodina, David Economics NWU C D Microeconomic Theory Eddie Dekel (Committee Co-Chair), Asher Wolinsky (Committee Co-Chair), Bruno Strulovici Information Design and Career Concerns Website 09/19/16
Roy, Sanket Economics Cornell Q O Environmental Economics, Development Economics Antonio Bento, Ravi Kanbur, Shanjun Li, Larry Blume Short and Long Run Impacts of Temperature on U.S. Residential Energy Consumption Website 09/19/16
Shen, Chaohai Economics Penn State L D IO, Applied Micro Robert Marshall Website 09/19/16
Singh, Sanjay Economics Brown University E F Macroeconomics, Open Economy Macroeconomics, Economic Growth Gauti Eggertsson, Neil Mehrotra, David Weil Output Hysteresis and Optimal Monetary Policy Website 11/17/16
Sun, Yuzheng Economics Cornell G F Empirical Corporate Finance, International Finance Warren Bailey, Andrew Karolyi, Crocker Liu, Charles Trzcinka The Causal Effect of IPO on Firms’ Investment Website 09/19/16
Takahashi, Yuta Economics NWU F E International Trade, Macroeconomics Lawrence Christiano (Committee Chair), Treb Allen, Costas Arkolakis, David Berger, Kiminori Matsuyama Trade imbalances and their distributional consequences Website 09/19/16
Tao, Ran Economics Arizona State University D H Daniel Silverman, Kelly Bishop, Nicolai Kuminoff “Fundraising under Two-Dimensional Asymmetric Information: The Case of Checkout Donations” Website 11/16/16
Tian, Yuan Economics Boston University C G Zhongjun Qu, Pierre Perron, Ivan Fernandez-Val Expecting the Unexpected: Uniform Quantile Regression Bands with an Application to Investor Sentiments Website 12/02/16
Tilipman, Nicholas Economics Cornell I L Health Economics, Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics Panle Barwick, Samuel Kleiner, Sean Nicholson Cadillac Tax, Physician Networks, and Consumer Welfare Website 09/19/16
Urgun, Can Kellogg NWU C D Microeconomic Theory Alvaro Sandroni (Committee Chair), Ehud Kalai, Niko Matouschek Contract Manufacturing Relationships Website 09/19/16
Vahedi, Sajad Economics Arizona State University Q D Daniel Silverman, Matthew Wiswall, Nicolai Kuminoff, “Children's Skill Formation: The Role of Childhood Exposure to Pollution” Website 11/16/16
Wagner, Amy Economics NWU I Economics of Healthcare David Dranove (Committee Chair), Craig Garthwaite, Matthew Notowidigdo Effect of physician-hospital financial integration on health outcomes and spending Website 09/19/16
Wagner, Gernot PEG Harvard Q A Website 12/15/16
Wedenoja, Leigh Economics Cornell J I Labor Economics, Economics of Education, Behavioral Economics The Dynamics of High School Dropout Website 09/19/16
Williams , Jerome Economics NYU E G Macroeconomics, Financial Economics, Corporate Finance Tim Cogley, Mark Gertler, Gianluca Violante First or second moment shocks? Estimating aggregate shocks using firm-level panel data Website 09/19/16
Wolf, Martin Economics Bonn E G International and open economy macroeconomics, monetary economics, macro-finance Gianluca Benigno, Giancarlo Corsetti, Keith Kuester, Gernot Müller Currency Pegs and Wage Discipline Website 09/19/16
Wray, Anthony Economics NWU N D Economic History, Applied Microeconomics Joel Mokyr (Committee Chair), David Dranove, Joseph Ferrie Long-Run Consequences of Exposure to Natural Disasters Website 09/19/16
Xiang, Wang Economics Penn State C D Micro, Game Theory, Networks Kalyan Chatterjee Website 09/19/16
Ye, Yu Economics Cornell Q L Environmental and Resource Economics, Policy Analysis, Industrial Organization Arnab Basu, Jon Conrad, David Rossiter “On the Locations of Endangered Species Reintroduction Programs” Website 09/19/16
Yue, Yang Economics Arizona State University D J Daniel Silverman, Natalia Kovrijnykh, Gregory Veramendi, Matthew Wiswall "Intergenerational Family Contracts and Female Labor Supply" Website 11/16/16
Zhao, Bingzhi Economics Duke G C Financial Econometrics, Asset Pricing Tim Bollerslev, George Tauchen, Andrew Patton, Jia Li An Efficient Factor from Basis "Anomalies" Website 12/09/16
Zhou, Xialou Economics Penn State L D IO, Applied Micro Peter Newberry, Mark Roberts The Efficiency and Profitability Effects of Rebate Contracts: A Study of Alibaba's Tmall Website 09/19/16