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Journal Acceptance chance n Average First Response n Average time between R&R n Average No. Referee Reports n
Abstracts of Working Papers in Economics0.75435251 3
Acta Applicandae Mathematicae12102422 2
Administration and Society0.67314312 2
Advances in Economic Analysis & Policy1111110 0
Agricultural Economics1282424 2
American Economic Journal: Applied Economics0.0241241242 25
American Economic Journal: Economic Policy0.0932232432 19
American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics0.120220222 15
American Economic Journal: Microeconomics0.2114317332 15
American Economic Review0.0679284483 40
American Journal of Agricultural Economics0.2512312342 11
American Journal of Health Economics0.5636342 6
American Law and Economics Review0.33333112 2
American Political Science Review0242002 1
Annales d'Economie et de Statistique1333222 3
Annals of Finance0.25424322 3
Annals of Regional Science1262322 2
Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy1151112 1
Applied Economics0.5618419282 13
Applied Economics Letters0.7121321161 9
Applied Financial Economics1465131 3
B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics0.67647242 7
B.E. Journals in Economic Analysis & Policy0.3113215242 12
BE Journal of Theoretical Economics0.67343422 3
British Journal of Industrial Relations0.75464332 3
Bulletin of Economic Research0.147810212 5
Cambridge Journal of Economics0.5474622 4
Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics0.5242322 1
Canadian Journal of Economics011411002 11
Canadian Public Policy0.5222003 2
China Economic Review0.679212172 9
Computational Economics0.8555141 4
Computational Statistics and Data Analysis0131003 1
Contemporary Accounting Research0121212 1
Contemporary Economic Policy0.5848252 8
Cuadernos de Econom?a1111111 1
Decisions in Economics and Finance0.52142311 1
Defence and Peace Economics1223222 2
Demography0424002 1
Development and Change0001000 0
Development Studies0.5222312 1
Eastern Economic Journal1424242 4
Eastern European Economics1131310 0
Ecological Economics0.512412372 10
Econometric Reviews0.4576533 4
Econometric Theory0454002 3
Econometrica0.0425325412 19
Econometrics Journal0525112 2
Economic Development and Cultural Change0.2313514742 11
Economic History Review1131513 1
Economic Inquiry0.24335356112 25
Economic Journal0.19472483112 24
Economic Modelling0.61189244152 20
Economic Record0.33333312 3
Economic Systems0.8545352 5
Economic Theory0.2520420462 14
Economica0.1315617522 7
Economics and Human Biology0.43728252 5
Economics and Philosophy0212000 0
Economics and Politics0.4536421 5
Economics Bulletin0.8312212171 11
Economics Letters0.47943981391 65
Economics of Education Review0.3611411262 10
Economics of Governance0.5282312 2
Economics of Transition0.6546332 5
Education Economics0.33333112 3
Emerging Markets Finance and Trade0.67636342 5
Emerging Markets Review0.25424212 1
Empirica02102002 2
Empirical Economics0.4314414482 12
Energy Economics0.569510372 9
Energy Journal0.29737423 7
Energy Policy0.5658372 6
Environment and Development Economics0131000 0
Environment, Development, and Sustainability1131112 1
Environmental and Resource Economics0.3113414342 8
European Economic Review0.27442443122 25
European Journal of Industrial Relations1121112 1
European Journal of Law and Economics0.6595232 4
European Journal of Operational Research0141002 1
European Journal of Political Economy0.3312312442 8
European Review of Agricultural Economics0.25434623 3
Experimental Economics0.29767222 6
Explorations in Economic History0.43727332 6
Financial Analysts Journal0161002 1
Financial History Review?(Cambridge)0161002 1
Financial Management0111001 1
FinanzArchiv1121212 1
Fiscal Studies0142002 2
Food Policy1131212 1
Games and Economic Behavior0.1845546492 39
Global Finance Journal1141111 1
Health Economics0.0812414432 6
History of Economic Ideas0131002 1
Human Relations0131003 1
Industrial and Labor Relations Review0.22939432 6
Information Economics and Policy0151000 0
Insurance: Mathematics and Economics1363221 3
International Economic Review0.2619419662 14
International Journal of Finance and Economics0.52113512 2
International Journal of Forecasting0353212 3
International Journal of Game Theory?(Springer)0.65136243 4
International Journal of Health Care Finance and Economics1222321 2
International Journal of Industrial Organization0.0813314532 10
International Journal of Manpower0.67333222 3
International Labour Review0151000 0
International Review of Applied Economics0151000 0
International Review of Economics and Finance0.67355632 3
International Review of Financial Analysis0.33363111 3
International Review of Law and Economics0.67636251 5
International Tax and Public Finance0.2535212 4
IZA Journal of European Labor Studies1121111 1
IZA Journal of Labor Economics1121113 1
Japan and the World Economy0222001 1
Journal for Labour Market Research0.33333212 2
Journal of Accounting and Economics0222001 2
Journal of Accounting Research0121000 0
Journal of Applied Econometrics020320002 14
Journal of Applied Economics01131001 1
Journal of Banking and Finance0.2124324282 18
Journal of Business and Economic Statistics0.22949622 9
Journal of Business Finance and Accounting0272001 2
Journal of Business Research11131212 1
Journal of Common Market Studies0.67343223 3
Journal of Comparative Economics0.3113314352 10
Journal of Corporate Finance0.14758411 6
Journal of Cultural Economics0101000 0
Journal of Development Economics0.1243344272 24
Journal of Development Studies0.57737252 5
Journal of Econometrics0.11979712 8
Journal of Economic and Social Measurement1181000 0
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization0.3228428292 19
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control0.55204212122 17
Journal of Economic Education0334002 3
Journal of Economic Geography0203000 0
Journal of Economic Growth0949002 8
Journal of Economic History0.2545512 3
Journal of Economic Inequality0.67343322 2
Journal of Economic Issues0.5252212 1
Journal of Economic Psychology1333232 3
Journal of Economic Surveys0555002 3
Journal of Economic Theory0.1324425442 18
Journal of Economic Theory (Elsevier)0.75444332 4
Journal of Economics1232122 2
Journal of Economics and Finance1121112 1
Journal of Economics and Management Strategy0.5511411662 10
Journal of Empirical Finance0.38889331 9
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management0.2623424462 22
Journal of European Economic History1131312 1
Journal of Evolutionary Economics11101311 1
Journal of Family and Economic Issues0141214 1
Journal of Finance020220311 13
Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis0.3116216241 15
Journal of Financial Econometrics0.33363412 2
Journal of Financial Economics0.2417217231 14
Journal of Financial Intermediation0.14727121 5
Journal of Financial Markets0.25414121 4
Journal of Financial Research0.5434322 3
Journal of Financial Services Research0.5242222 2
Journal of Futures Markets1131311 1
Journal of Happiness Studies1151312 1
Journal of Health Economics0.1330230352 12
Journal of Housing Economics0.5232112 1
Journal of Human Capital0192001 2
Journal of Human Resources0.1643245362 20
Journal of Industrial Economics0.1414415332 10
Journal of Industry, Competition, and Trade0.33323411 2
Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics0383003 2
Journal of Institutional Economics0.8525242 5
Journal of International Development0232000 0
Journal of International Economics0.1916516552 15
Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money0.52741210 0
Journal of International Money and Finance0.4219519371 17
Journal of International Trade and Economic Development0.67333222 2
Journal of Labor Economics019319002 12
Journal of Labor Research0333002 1
Journal of Law and Economics013313431 7
Journal of Legal Studies0171001 1
Journal of Macroeconomics0.3113313241 9
Journal of Mathematical Economics0.5626242 4
Journal of Monetary Economics0.1916921631 14
Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking0.1822524442 20
Journal of Multinational Financial Management1121112 1
Journal of Pension Economics and Finance0121000 0
Journal of Policy Analysis and Management0222000 0
Journal of Policy Modeling0.754671044 2
Journal of Policy Reform1111112 1
Journal of Political Economy027530003 12
Journal of Population Economics0.29727322 3
Journal of Post Keynesian Economics0232001 1
Journal of Productivity Analysis1273722 3
Journal of Public Economic Theory0.310512532 6
Journal of Public Economics0.0953355362 39
Journal of Public Policy0002000 0
Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics0.25434111 3
Journal of Real Estate Research1232324 2
Journal of Regional Science1131513 1
Journal of Regulatory Economics0151002 1
Journal of Risk and Insurance0031312 1
Journal of Risk and Uncertainty0444001 1
Journal of Sports Economics1111112 1
Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy0171000 0
Journal of the European Economic Association0.0425126312 11
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A (Statistics in Society)0132002 2
Journal of Transport Economics and Policy0.67354721 3
Journal of Urban Economics0.2417317342 13
Kyklos0.0911111322 7
Labour Economics0.1119319432 12
Labour: Review of Labour Economics and Industrial relations1131312 1
Land Economics0.5424312 3
Macroeconomic Dynamics (Washington)0.67353322 2
Macroeconomics Dynamics (Cambridge)0.5812512482 9
Management Science0.2417217252 11
Managerial and Decision Economics0.67333222 3
Marketing Science0626112 3
Mathematical Social Sciences0.5444222 3
North American Journal of Economics and Finance1232222 2
Open Economies Review0.33334212 3
Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics0.2313513432 8
Oxford Economic Papers0.1811312422 8
Pacific-Basin Finance Journal0.67323221 3
Papers in Regional Science1132213 2
Politics, Philosophy, & Economics0101000 0
Population and Development Review0121000 0
Population and Environment0101000 0
Post-Communist Economies1232222 2
Psychometrika0101000 0
Public Choice0.1526326262 14
Quantitative Finance0111001 1
Quarterly Journal of Economics0.0173173213 27
RAND Journal of Economics0.0730431332 23
Regional Science and Urban Economics0.415217162 14
Research in Economics0.25434111 1
Resource and Energy Economics0484002 4
Review of Development Economics1163312 1
Review of Economic Dynamics0.33323412 2
Review of Economic Studies0.0365368443 40
Review of Economics and Statistics0.0252453612 26
Review of Economics of the Household0.2536232 6
Review of Finance012212211 9
Review of Financial Studies0.1422222222 16
Review of Income and Wealth0.2515112 1
Review of International Economics0.310511332 9
Review of World Economics0333002 3
Small Business Economics0.29737352 5
Social Choice and Welfare0.679510362 6
Social Indicators Research1121111 1
Southern Economic Journal0.14737002 7
Stochastic Models0202000 0
Strategic Behavior and the Environment1122312 2
The Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization0939002 6
The Manchester School1161412 1
The World Economy0376112 3
Theoretical Economics0.0813213322 13
Urban Studies0.2535524 5
World Bank Economic Review0939423 4
World Development0.4434443183 29